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     "Most  of  you  would  consider  me,  well maybe wierd.  You see, I like a
certain  kind of sex.  I know many other people who like it too, so I know I am
not  alone.   I like bondage and discipline.  I just love it, and it's the only
form of sex that I get any real enjoyment from.

     "Here  is  one  of my many very fun experiences ... I had a boyfriend, and
his  parents  were going to go out of town.  We decided that I would pretend to
be  sleeping  over  a friends house, but really I would be spending the weekend
at  his house.  My boyfriend had another idea for me too ... he wanted me to be
his  slave for the entire weekend.  We had talked about our various fantasies, 
so  he  knew  that  I  liked  bondage  and  discipline.  I of course agreed.  I
couldn't  wait!   I  already  started  feeling  horny  at the thought.  So came
Friday  night,  his parents were gone and I came over.  I brought a lot of sexy
clothes  with  me  too.   I  wanted to really turn him on.  As soon as I walked
into  his  house,   he  had me strip completely naked.  My panties were already
soaked,  and he could tell I was getting turned on.  He had me put on a leather
mini-skirt  that  I had brought with me ... he loved it.  Then he had me put on
a  halter  top, and he told me some of his new rules.  I was to obey absolutely
everything  he  told  me to do, or I was to be punished.  I was to be his slave
for the entire weekend.  Thats all, but that was also all I needed to know.

     "He  had  me  sit down and then he put his hand under my skirt and ran his
hand  up  and  down  my  thigh,  occasionally  rising  to feel my ass.  He also
reached  under  my  shirt, and felt my now-tingling breasts.  It felt so good. 
He  noticed  that I was enjoying this and he told me that I was going to have a
lot  of  fun  this  weekend.   Then he went and got a dog collar and leash.  He
connected  them  to  my  neck,  then  he  got out his handcuffs.  I loved those
handcuffs  ... we had had so much fun with them.  He handcuffed my hands behind
my  back.   Then  he told me that he was having a friend come over to have some
fun  with  me.  All the while he kept feeling my ass, and sometimes shoving one
of  his fingers up my pussy or up my ass.  His friend turned out to be a girl. 
I couldn't believe it.

     "The  doorbell  rang and he pulled me up, and lead me to the door with him
by  the  leash.  He opened it and yes, there she was.  He let her in and he had
her  strip right there on the spot.  Then he told her what he had told me, that
she  was  to be his slave for the entire weekend.  I was so jealous ... and she
looked  excited  at the thought too.  He had her put on these really lacy black
panties  and  bra,  and  then  tied her hands behind her back with some leather
strings.   Then he ordered us to kiss.  I didn't move so he smacked my ass real
hard,  so  I  moved  closer,  she  was  moving  towards me too, she didn't look
worried  or  anything.   She started kissing me.  I wanted to push her away but
my  hands were handcuffed, I tried to move away but my boyfriend held me tight.
The  funny thing was that I liked it, so I stopped pretending that I didn't.  I
kissed  her back hard.  Then he pulled us apart.  He was getting excited and he
wanted  to  fool  around.  He had the other girl sit on a table, then he had me
bend  over the table so half my body was on the table and my feet were still on
the  ground.   He  pulled  her  panties  off and had her seperate her legs.  So
there  I  was,  my  ass  sticking up high in the air, and my face about an inch
away  from  her pussy.  I could smell her musky aroma.  He got behind me pulled
down  my  panties,  and  spanked me hard a couple of times.  He then told me to
lick  and suck on her pussy.  I agreed 'cause I wanted him to fuck me already. 
Then  he  shoved  his  cock  up my ass as hard as he could.  It hurt but at the
same  time it felt great.  I started moaning and licking her cunt.  She started
moaning  too.  After  awhile of this he had me kneel right in front of him, and
he  started jerking off.  I tried to move away but he pulled on my leash.  Then
he  came  all over my face.  I tried to lick some of my face but could only get
a  little.   He  pulled  the other girl off, and had her sit next to me and had
her  lick  the  rest  of  the cum off my face.  I was in heaven, but frustrated
beacuse I hadn't cum yet myself.

     "Well,  I  finally  did come that night.  The next day was even more fun. 
He  had  us  both put on these really tight leotards he had bought us, mine was
black,  hers  was  white.   Then  he  had  us serve him breakfast.  Whenever we
stooped  over  to  put something on the table he would feel our tits, or pat us
lightly  on  the  ass.  Then we all took a shower together ... we still had our
leotards  on  though.   They  felt  very strange, they were so tight and at the
same  time  wet, so they hugged our every curve even more.  He enjoyed watching
me  and  her  making  out,  so  he  ordered  us  to fool around a lot.  We wore
different  things all the time, sometimes skimpy panties, or leather clothes he
bought us or sometimes skintight jeans, or sometimes just nothing at all.

     "The  whole  weekend  was  a  very  fun experience ... I have more to tell
about  but  I don't know if anyone is really reading this.  If you want to hear
more,   leave  a  message on the board, and I'll keep on going telling you more
about that weekend and other times.

     "Also  if you want I can go into more detail, telling everything I can ...
the one here is a little more general."