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- The Twisted Fate of a Pirate....    -

 Inspired by Zandar Zan
      Written By The Boogyman
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 I, Zandar zan, was sitting at my
computer making myslef a backup of my
latest ware... "Boy this is real beat.
I should get L.S. 16 Sector fast copy."
Deciding that I was wasting my time
I took a trip downstairs to get a
cold glass of beer. As i walked past
the front door I noticed 2 Black
Sedans pulling into my driveway. 
"Oh my God! they've snagged me!", I
yelled as i ran upstairs to get my
650 pirate disks. While throwing each
and every box into a garbage bag I
yelled "Hey Mom! don't answer the front
door or else your son's gonna be 
spending time...". By this time i was
frantic. After getting the disks i
realized that i would have to leave
a couple copies else they may think i
hid all the stuff... I ran downstairs
with the bag,into my room,opened the
closet,moved the rug and opened my
secret stash. Disregarding the value
of my (illegal) software i threw it
into the stash and closed everything
up. The timing was perfect. They
got to the door and walked in as if
they lived here. Thinking the worst
has yet to come and there was no escape
i formally greeted them. i said,
"hello. I'm the guy your looking for
and the stuff is upstairs.", the men
in black all said at once ,"We're glad
to see your co-operating. Since you
recieved no warning we are just going
to confiscate your computer and make
sure you can't pirate or hack again.",
I somberly said,"Take it, I was wrong
and it will never happen again.". The
men in black then replied,"We know.".
A cold shiver went down my spine. The
men in black, four of them, then 
followed me to the computer. As 
soon as we got upstairs to the computer
the men in black got to work. They
started to take the whole system
down. It amazed me how they worked 
with such efficiency! In no more than
15 minutes the system was taken apart
as i stood there in grief. They found
at least 15 disks i missed. The men
said ,"Don't worry you can keep the
T.V. and printer and sell them. And
you won't get in much trouble for the
pirate copies.", very relieved i helped
them take the components out to the
sedans. They got the computer parts
into the car and then suddenly turned
around and walked back into the house.
This time the bypassed the stairs and
went right to my bedroom! I nearly
passed out. The men then entered my
bedroom urging me to follow them. I
did. One man in black walked straight
to my closet where the stash was!
Now i really felt dizzy. I then 
gathered my senses. I said, "What are
you doing?", the men said "We forgot
to get something.". The one man at
the closet pulled back away from
it revealing he had found the stash.
He turned around and looked 
dumbfounded! The men were in utter
confusion. After about 5 minutes of
their muttering and my agony one man
said, "Son, I am happy for you, you
are going to be getting off easy this
time.". That same man said, "Ok 
Charlie nows your time.", again I was
relived but now confused. Charlie 
reached in his jacket and slowly
pulled out a .45 Magnum. Standing 
there I couldn't bring my body around
to running away. Charlie said, "Sorry
Zandar Zan but you can't hack any
more.". Another man said, "Come on
Charlie don't scare the kid.". With
the grin of a mad-man Charlie pulled
the trigger as if he was glad to
shoot a person.