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Apollo 14 Bar & Grill

Apollo 14 set mockup

Here's a mockup of the Apollo 14 Bar & Grill set that we found in the production office. Things were simplified some for the final version, but the ramps used in the motorcycle battle survived. That's meant to be a LEM over the bar to the rear.

On the actual Apollo 14 set

The Apollo 14 set looked fantastic in person -- the design and construction crews really outdid themselves. And as far as I know, nobody electrocuted themselves on all the hanging neon. (Here's more photos if you're interested.)

My Devoted Posse

A disreputable-looking crew takes over the stairs at the entrance to the Apollo 14. Rear, left to right: photographer Carlos Batts, rat bastards Devin O'Leary and Anthony Trifiletti, screenwriter Scott Phillips, actor R.A. Mihailoff (who played the singing trucker, as well as Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III). Front: filmmaker Pete Waterman.

C. Batts - Fly

Carlos Batts caught unawares. He was with us, but I think people kept mistaking him for Kadeem's stand-in. Only he knows for sure whether or not he worked that confusion into any action with the ladies.

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