NO WHAMMY! NO WHAMMY! Game Show Network is running the original documentary Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal. Back in the spring of 1984, an out-of-work trailer-park denizen named Michael Larson figured out the "random" prize patterns on Press Your Luck's big board and used the information to win over $100,000 in a single game. The doc includes a complete play-by-play of his accomplishment, which had to be spread over two half-hour episodes of the show because Larson just wouldn't stop winning. After airing the debacle with no advance publicity, CBS promptly buried in the vault where it's been sitting for the past nineteen years.

Even knowing exactly what Larson did and how he did it, watching Big Bucks is like watching a baby crawl across a busy highway. Larson gets wound up tighter and tighter as the Baptist minister on his right becomes increasingly dumbfounded and the dental assistant on his right looks more and more like she wants to rip his arms off. Any teen capable of memorizing the patterns in Pac-Man had the skills to pull it off with one eye closed, but Larson is the one man who went the distance -- a middle-aged hero of the early twitch-game era.

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