There But For The Grace Of God.

I was flipping through a recent Vanity Fair feature on the royalty while getting ready for wotk this morning, and it occurred to me that the real difference between royalty and us "common folks" is really just one of adjectives.

For example: today I took a shower after I got up, but you know Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg took a bracing shower. I went on a shopping trip up to Berkeley the other night, but you can bet that Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece never goes on anything less than an extravagant shopping trip.

There's a downside, of course. For most of us there's nothing special about an evening spent watching bad sitcoms on television, but for Grand Duke George of Russia, that evening would seem pretty pathetic. When we plebes cut ourselves, we bleed, but your canonical inbred haemophiliac middle-European royal will suffer from profuse bleeding. And while everyone dies, few of us will ever experience the Romanovs' unbelievably violent and gruesome manner of passing.

Of course, it might be worth it if we got to wear those cool sashes.

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