"Folly" Just Sounds So Much More Aggressive Than "Cash Cow"

Self-proclaimed TV "expert" Philip Swann takes on Apple in a press release he entitles Video iPod Will be Steve Jobs' Folly:
"Americans will not watch full-length videos -- or perhaps even short music videos -- on 2.5-inch screens on portable devices. It makes no sense. [...] [It] will require you to stop what you're doing and focus on a video. Who has the time to do that during the day? Plus, the video will be on a small screen that will make watching highly uncomfortable and unsatisfying."
This would explain why the Japanese have had so much trouble marketing their laughable "Gaming Boy" device among the American people. What honest working-man has the time -- nay, even the desire! -- to waste away his so-few divinely-granted hours on the frivolous playing of games? And the same must clearly be true of watching the so-called "tele-vision" programs, which are well-known to be so ruefully taxing of the mind that they are nigh incomprehensible on a screen of less than a rod-fifth's diagonal (and even then only if you pop for the full 1080p rear-projection HD display)!

Does this lunatic Jobs dare believe us a nation of idlers? If so, 'twill be his Folly indeed!

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