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What Is The Countlegger?

Back in the glory days of Apple II BBS'ing, I published a disk-based e-zine called The Countlegger. The name "Countlegger" was inspired by a similar diskzine called "The Bootlegger", which was being sold in the back of the seedier Apple II mags at the time. As far as I could tell, Bootlegger's publisher Mike Bectic was just compiling random hack/phreak T-files onto DOS 3.3 disks that he sold for $25 a pop. And as the Hacker Ethic bounced around in my head, thanks in large part to Steve Levy's book Hackers, I of course took offense. "All information should be free," quoth Levy, and since I had a constant stream of T-files flowing onto the board I ran, I figured I could help push the information along. And since The Bootlegger was publishing The Bootlegger, it made sense that a diskzine published by Count Nibble should be called The Countlegger.

Between August 1985 and December 1986 there were ten Countlegger issues. Each contained the usual selection of pirate/hack/phreak/anarchy files, humor and pr0n, but my favorite material then and now was the stuff that dug into the politics and social structure of the online underground. (As I get more issues of the zine online I'll point out the highlights in this index.) I tried to be pretty selective in what I included, and made a point of hunting down and writing original material whenever possible. Eventually I kind of ran out of steam, but the zine had a good run and I still run into folks from time to time who remember it fondly.

These archives are designed to make the issues easy to get through on the Web, which is worlds ahead of what it was like trying to read them on an old 1MHz Apple II+! None of the contents have been altered, they've just been formatted in a more web-friendly manner. For the truly hardcore I'm including disk images of each volume to run in your favorite emulator. For the rest of you, the only thing you're missing is the sound of the description screen "melting" away after you hit the space bar!

At this writing I don't have all the issues as images -- I'm missing #2 and #4, though I think my 5.25" disks are still readable. But if you have images of those two you can share, please contact me. It'll save me some sweat over my serial link!

It's been fun converting what's already up but there's lots more to go. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed putting them together!

Best Wishes,
Ernie Longmire
a/k/a Count Lazlo Hollifeld-Nibble,
"The Evil Master of Power Suction"


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