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The Cat Copyright 1981 Gene Deitch

The Internet Music Wantlists

The Internet Music Wantlists - Image of Gene Deitch's THE CAT

When the Wantlists started in the early '90s there was only Usenet and email. There was no eBay, no GEMM, no Amazon. The Cat was found only in back-issues of Record Changer and Weirdo. And now when we look around we realize that it's been a great run but our useful days are way, way behind us, so we're bidding the web a fond adieu.

In the meantime, may we suggest sitting back with the amazing collection The CAT On A Hot Thin Groove, brought to you by our pals at Fantagraphics? It pulls together six years of Gene Deitch's cartoons featuring the jazz-obsessed record collector, in a gigantic oversized edition worthy of any coffee table.