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Posting Guidelines

Introduction to Posting

Your postings must be sent from the address where you receive your list mail. Mailman will check the sending address of your message and sideline or reject the message if the sending address is not on the subscriber list.

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves. When you join, please send a message to the list describing (in brief) who you are and your interest in the list's topic.

Please remember that all maintenance of your subscription should first be handled through the Mailman interface at Xmission. If your requests don't seem to be working for some reason, please email the list owner with a description of the problem. The list owner address is available at the bottom of the list subscription page.

List Courtesy

The messages you post will be sent to hundreds of other people. These are the For their sake you should try to follow the usual rules of list courtesy:

  • Avoid long signatures. Four lines is the traditional guideline.
  • Trim down quoted text. You should come up with a pretty good reason before you decide to include quoted text from more than one or two messages back. Too much quoted text tends to clutter up the archives (which already have the original version of the message anyway) and make the digests fire off more often than they need to. Signatures, free-mail ads, and other junk should always be removed from the quoted part of your message.
  • Move the quoted text above your reply. It makes the thread easier to follow.
  • Stay on-topic. The list manager has final say on whether a topic is welcome on the list; please do your best to follow his guidance.
  • Don't crosspost between lists, even if you are subscribed to both. People who are only on one of the lists may have trouble responding to the message.
  • Don't repost other peoples' messages on other lists without their permission.
  • Avoid HTML, rich text, attachments and other non-text content.
  • If someone else is misbehaving on the list, please report the problem to the list owner rather than trying to deal with it yourself.

Advertising Policy

The list is not a general advertising forum, though occasional short notices of the form "I have <x> for sale; please email me for a full list" are acceptable as long as the items for sale are directly relevant to the topic of the mailing list.


The following kinds of messages are never welcome. Posting them may get you banned from the list.

  • Flames and/or attacks on other list members.
  • Off-topic or excessive advertisements. (Suitability is at the sole discretion of the list manager.)
  • Virus warnings and other "public service announcements."
  • Chain letters.
  • Binaries (contact the list admin if you have materials to share with the list).
  • Hoaxes and forged email.
  • Repostings of messages or emails written by other people, unless you have the permission of the original author.


The list software watches for certain kinds of "problem" postings and forwards them to the list owner for handling. If your message does not appear on the list in a reasonable amount of time, this is likely what has happened. Email the list owner if you have any questions about a missing message.

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