Proxxy: An OAuth Proxy for CATraxx

Proxxy is a simple HTTP proxy that captures Discogs API requests issued by older versions of the CATraxx Internet DLL and wraps them in the OAuth authentication headers required by the API.

Proxxy only works with versions of the CATraxx_Internet DLL up to version 68; version 69 intentionally removed all Discogs-related functionality. See below for details.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract it to a directory.
  2. Run CATraxx and go to Tools > Options > Internet.
  3. In the CDDB/Proxy section, checkmark "Use proxy server", then enter as the Proxy host and 8080 as the proxy port.
  4. Double-click Proxxy.exe to launch the proxy.

The first time you run Proxxy you'll need to authorize it against your Discogs account. You'll be prompted your your Discogs username, then provided with a URL that you should copy into your browser address bar. It'll take you to Discogs where you'll approve the application to connect to the API with your credentials. Discogs will then respond with an application code that you'll need to copy from your browser and paste into the command window for the proxy, then hit return. At that point the proxy should be ready for use.

The proxy is only active while its command window is open. To exit the proxy, hit Ctrl-Break or close its command window.

Settings are stored in the file "proxxy_config.json" in the CATraxx data folder.

How it Works

All network requests from CATraxx are intercepted by Proxxy and examined.

Proxxy doesn't store any data on your computer except for the config file that contains your OAuth tokens and some other configuration information (such as the proxy port, in case you want to change it). It does not transmit any information to any site not requested by CATraxx.

About CATraxx_Internet.dll

CATraxx uses a Windows DLL called "CATraxx_Internet.dll" to connect to external data resources. It is located in the CATraxx data folder, which you can get to from CATraxx by selecting Tools > Open Data Folder.

After Discogs started requiring OAuth for API calls, the author of CATraxx updated CATraxx_Internet.dll to remove all Discogs functionality. Proxxy cannot connect to Discogs with versions of the DLL that have had this functionality removed. The last version of the DLL that worked with Discogs was v68.

To tell which version of the DLL you have, open the Data folder, then right-click CATraxx_Internet.dll and select Properties, then select the Details tab.

If your version of the DLL is version 68, immediately go to the General tab of the Properties sheet, then checkmark Read-only and click OK. This will prevent the DLL from being overwritten with a more recent version by CATraxx.

If your version of the DLL is v69 or later, you'll need to replace it with an older version from a backup or from some other source.


Proxxy is provided for use at your own risk with no guarantees of support or operability. Issues should be posted in the application thread on the FNProgramvare Community Forum, but I can't promise any turnaround time or that I will resolve issues at all.

Release History

Copyright 2014, Ernie Longmire (Lazlo Nibble). All rights reserved.