FLIMSY MODERN KEYBOARDS ARE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL, so a few weeks ago I ordered an old IBM Model M on eBay. It was originally just a nostalgia thing -- it's been at least ten years since I typed on one regularly. After a few days of using it, though, I'm ready to order another one for work and a third for Amy to use at home with her laptop. Between the audio feedback (when a keyboard has its own echo, can you doubt its badass-ness?) and the way you can rest your fingers on the keys without mushing down into an inadvertent keypress, this baby has probably doubled my sustained typing speed. Added bonus: drowning out the Raiders-loving neighbors when they sideshow their cars in circles in the intersection down the street.

Since then I've run across a few sites that lay on the Model M worship a little thicker than I care to here, including modelm.org and 3m3718.com (check out the blue logo model gallery for photos of the model I got). You can pick up old Model M's for next to nothing, but if you do any real typing they're one of the best system upgrades you can buy.

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