take shelterW32.SQLExp.Worm is now getting the attention of the security companies, who must be very disappointed that it's invulnerable to typical virus scanning software and is therefore unlikely to make them any money. And despite my hubris of early this morning the worm finally did mess with me; I was VPN'd in to work this afternoon when my connection slooooowly spun down to a crawl before disconnecting completely. Attempts to revive the patient were unsuccessful.

And OAKLAND CIVIL DEFENSE NOSTALGIA FANS can enjoy the real thing once again, thanks to the terrorist-inspired revival of the local emergency alert sirens (pdf). Starting February 5th, we'll be treated to a hearty "test" blast of the horn on the first Wednesday of the month, making that the single most likely time for the terrorists to strike! Causing us to miss the Enterprise/West Wing/Law & Order troika that evening and possibly for ever and ever afterwards! It's so sad!

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