Pshaw pshaw.

I spent the latter half of last week on-site in Phoenix, at the building featured on Doc's Pshaw Peak page. This was entirely conincidental; the first time I'd ever seen the place was when the page went online and the second time was a couple of days later when I pulled into the parking lot. I didn't realize any of this until I got back home and saw the page again.

At work this facility is called "The Peak". The Pshaw Peak page features a likely explanation of why this is so. As I mentioned to Doc afterwards, they'll be able to get away with this name until they build a facility at the foot of Tetilla Peak south of Santa Fe, at which point they'll have to start referring to them as "Left Peak" and "Right Peak".

Living in the SF bay area for three years lets you forget what "hot" means, but visiting the Phoenix metro area when it's sitting under a ridge of high pressure and ozone alerts is a pungent reminder. Park in your driveway on the nastiest day of the summer. Prop the car doors open and tune in a religious talk-radio station. Pour out a two-day-old Big Gulp on a blistering hot patch of concrete behind the car. Then get on your hands and knees and squish your nose down in the wet spot. That's Phoenix.

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