You Can Hear The Sound Of The Underground Trains. (You Know It Feels Like Distant Thunder.)

Many of you know this is loooooong overdue: BMG and Dave Stewart have finally remastered most of the Eurythmics back-catalog, with Touch Dance and 1984 the only studio albums omitted. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) was the second or third CD I ever owned and the pressings on store shelves now are still the same thin-sounding LP-EQ'd snapshot of digital nastiness I played on my Sony D5-A portable back in 1985, with the same unreadable artwork and the same ugly RCA CD logo smeared all over the front cover. There are, of course, the requisite bonus tracks (details available in the discog at - The Eurythmics Fanweb), but these'd still be worth picking up without them -- expect to see overseas issues in January.

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