"Home is where the Frito Pie leaks." -- StinkyLulu

I'D LIKE TO OFFER a tip of the Studio Nibble chapeau to the young lady I spotted tonight during an old Discovery Channel special on the "World's Largest Mall," West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta.

As we see above, she executes an exquisitely subtle finger-roll as the cameraman walks past, one of the few that has ever inadvertently made it to air on a major American cable network. It is truly a display of grace and beauty.

DOUBTS YOU MIGHT HAVE about how Japanese pop culture throughly infiltrated American consciousnesses...es, are now dispelled with force by city-crushing monsters!

JASON SCOTT OF TEXTFILES.COM recently posted a very nice appreciation of me, or at least of the stuff I was doing in the textfile community back in the '80s, and I want to return the favor. In his spare time, Jason is single-handedly curating the complete history of the BBS & textfile scenes. The collection of materials at textfiles.com rivals Brewster Kahle's Internet Archive project in its determination to see online history preserved, and over the last year Jason's added a full-length documentary to the mix as he's traveled across North America to collect stories from the folks who helped drive the BBS revolution. It's fantastic to finally see serious attention being paid to this formative period for the online community, without which our personal computers would be nothing but lonely islands. Props to Jason for bringing the light!

(Christ, now I have to update those pages he linked to!)

WHERE WOULD WE BE without amazon.com's powerful suggestion engine?

Yes, that is a great buy. Clearly if I enjoyed reading one, I'll enjoy reading them both! Just the thing for a long trip.

ON THE WAY HOME tonight I walked past the Kaiser center, expecting the usual creepy empty parking lot. Instead there was a creepier swarm of birkenstockers and white-guys-with-dreadlocks-and-tie-dies, like the freakin' Doper's Ball. D'oh! Same thing, turns out the Other Ones are playing tonight and tomorrow. My old ASCII Express board was named after a Grateful Dead album, but I JUST LIKED THE COVER ART AND THE TITLE TRACK AND MAYBE ONE OR TWO OTHER SONGS! THAT'S ALL!

(My Deadhead kid brother has melted so many brain cells over the years it makes me wanna smack somebody.)

front quarter view

On the other hand this is a pretty fine-looking ride, despite the fact that it clearly belongs to one of the bowl-blowers currently grooving across the street. It looks like the result of a horrible miscegenation experiment involving Molly's Roadmaestra.

more of the back

The Dodge has more of a bubble-butt than the 'Maestra but the 'Maestra has that cute li'l undertuck on its hinder.