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Amazon links: Miller W.K. Hansen. It's as if Reid Miles were back in the business!

Atari! Triple!! Threat!!!

1) Infogrames, the company that ended up with Atari during the venerable gaming brand's most recent intercorporate shuffle, has announced that they are taking on Atari's identity -- thereby forcing back yet again the greatest single force threatening to pre-empt the plausibility of Blade Runner's world of 2019 Los Angeles.

2) Digital Press, your online retrogaming mosh pit, has scanned and posted the complete run of the Atari Fan Club's mid-1980s house organ Atari Age magazine, bringing back fond memories of the colossal shambles that was the SwordQuest: (Earth|Fire|Water|Air)World contest.

3) There isn't another Atari news item today so please dig the swanky cover art from DJ Scissorkicks' Video Computer System CD, which turned up in a truly amazing dollar bin frenzy at Rasputin's last weekend. (Then check out the original Space Invaders box art.)

AOL Kills Puppies.

No, really. (from politech)