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It Could Be Worse, They Could Be Dressing You For Work.

Bill Bixby-Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk transformationOn October 21st, Universal will put out a "Best-Of" DVD collection for the old Incredible Hulk TV series, consisting of 18 episodes rated by the show's fans as their favorites. This sounds like a good idea until you realize that these programs are being selected by people who actually have favorite episodes of the old Incredible Hulk TV series.

For the more grounded viewer, the same day will see the long-awaited DVD release of Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park.

And With That, The Only Living Original Star Trek Actor With A Shred Of Human Dignity Remaining Shrugged And Tossed It Away


Promotional postcard photoshopping San Francisco mayoral candidate Tom Ammiano into an old Star Trek still featuring George Takei