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iMac Maintenance == Hacking? Huh?

Over on The Unofficial Apple Weblog they have a news story that makes adding RAM and a new hard drive to an iMac sound like a technological innovation akin to the invention of the wheel. No offense to the Mac faithful out there, but is this meant to be serious? Are Apple folks really so detached from the inner workings of their hardware that they'd consider completely replacing an entire computer because of a blown hard drive, or worse, just because it's getting a little slow? Jebus -- my PC's fifth bithday is coming up in three months and it's like the proverbial ax whose head was replaced last summer and whose handle was replaced last week -- there's some question as to whether you can still consider it the same ax. It's on its third CD burner, second processor, third RAM upgrade and at least the fourth hard drive.

I've always liked the idea of owning a Mac, and more so lately since OS X, but this kind of hands-off attitude would drive me crazy.