"Home is where the Frito Pie leaks." -- StinkyLulu

Jacked By The Booty Crew!

Found in the street while walking home tonight:

You might wonder why this particular piece of litter caught my eye. Well, it seemed just the teeeeniest bit familiar...

Little Fluffy Clouds

Albuquerque Vista
Albuquerque Vista,
originally uploaded by Diluted.
Because we don't get back home nearly often enough, we've been missing the amazing monsoon season this year in Albuquerque. I've never seen it this green in the foothills. Thanks to all the folks contributing to Flickr's Duke City Fix pool for helping an expat keep up to date.

How Emo Is That?

Well-scrubbed young fellow on the morning BART commute, reading Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.

Survey Says: Emoscore +3.5 (Erland Scale, -5 to +5).