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On The Net (1984-present)

  • Nibble Say...
    Oooh, what a clever little boy!

  • Tiffany at Paolo Soleri (July 10, 1988)
    "Nobody threw half-empty bottles of Miller and nobody started a pit. No Hell's Angels dragged a twelve-year-old out of the audience and whaled on him with pool cues...It just wasn't that kind of concert."

The BASIS Advantage (1997-present)

Material from the day job. (The magazine is aimed at folks who are still programming in BASIC, so...)

Weekly Alibi (1997-1998)

Reviews of books and comics for Albuquerque's weekly alternative paper.

X Magazine (1990-1995)

"Humor and/or Music" -- mostly music, in my case.

The SWPG Era (1985-1986)

Text files (t-Ph1|_eZZ!) from when I ran the Terrapin Station AE and published the Countlegger discs for the Apple II BBS world.

  • Cracking The UPC (date unknown)
    Shamelessly paraphrased from William Poundstone's Big Secrets, this is the first text file I wrote stole intending to distribute it online.

  • Fear and Loathing in the Soft Drink Aisle: New Coke - An Investigative Report (June 4, 1985)
    You kids today just don't understand how good you have it, with your Surge and your Josta...

  • Fun! With Spray Paint (July 31, 1985)
    A detailed, analytic (with the empahasis on anal) look at optimizing your anarchic spray-painting fun.

  • Fun! With Random Senseless Vandalism (August 2, 1985)
    "Lost in the High Street, where the dogs run, roaming suburban boys..." Ah, to once again be racing cars in the dark at fifty miles an hour through quiet residential neighborhoods while hanging out the windows and shooting fireworks at each other. As middle-class white teenagers we figured -- probably correctly -- that whatever nastiness we got up to would happen without any real-world consequences. If you woke up to find "S-U-X" painted on the back of your Volvo some morning in the mid-1980s, I offer my profound apologies.

  • Mister Shim™ - Your Briefcase-Opening Pal (1986)
    When I worked in the stockroom at Sears, we had these little shims lying around that were used to open the three-dial combo locks on the cheap luggage we sold. Here's how to make one. Originally included with Countlegger Seven.

  • The School Stopper's Textbook (date unknown)
    In simpler times, I assumed that reformatting a document for 80 columns warranted a banner credit.

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