1. Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (575 SHOW)
    P&T rank on the gullible. James Randi meets The Sopranos.
  2. Firefly (2 KTVU)
    Cancelled. Too much character development and not enough facial appliances, apparently.
  3. Enterprise (12 KBHK)
    Started solid, but heading for Captain, the Frammitz Discombobulator is deflating territory lately. Also see "facial appliances" reference above.
  4. The West Wing (3 KNTV)
    Prime-time spanking material for the disgruntled left (from which I do not exclude myself).
  5. Law & Order (3 KNTV)
    Still waiting for Lenny to bust into a song and dance...
  6. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (3 KNTV)
    Ice-T! The Belz! Jayne Mansfield's daughter! It's like a beautiful musical waiting to happen.
  7. The Chris Isaak Show [Title Wishlist]
    Plusses: Funny, great music, and that sexy nose. Minuses: Vancouver is not San Francisco.
  8. Sealab 2021 (51 TOONP)
  9. Aqua Teen Hungerforce (51 TOONP)
  10. Space Ghost: Coast-To-Coast (51 TOONP)
  11. The Brak Show (51 TOONP)
    Cartoon Network justifies its existence.
  12. The Simpsons (2 KTVU)
    Still has its ups and downs but the good ones are worth the wait.
  13. King of the Hill (2 KTVU)
    Threatened to be a Beavis and Butt-Head style "let's stomp all over the ignorant rednecks" show. Then it aired...
  14. Futurama (2 KTVU)
    Doesn't hold up to repeat viewing for me.
  15. Queer As Folk [Title Wishlist]
    This one's Amy's. Loved the British series, though.
  16. Let's Bowl (63 COMEDYP)
    Rich Kronfeld is a frickin' genius.
  17. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (68 SCIFIP)
    By 2007, SciFi will be running the same episode every single week.
  18. Andy Richter Controls the Universe (2 KTVU)
  19. Oz (551 HBOP)
    Ever notice how half the people on here are regulars on the Law & Order shows?
  20. South Park (63 COMEDYP)
    Has escaped more ruts than any other show on television.
  21. Six Feet Under (550 HBO)
    Another one of Amy's. I'm waiting for the DVD.
  22. CROSS, DAVID [Actor Wishlist]
  23. Mr. Show With Bob and David (551 HBOP)
    It goes from God, to Monty Python, to The Ben Stiller Show, to Bob and David.
  24. Movies & VIVA MAX [Title Wishlist]
  25. Movies & COLD TURKEY [Title Wishlist]
  26. Movies & WHERE PEOPLE GONE [Title Wishlist]
    Three movies from the Dialing For Dollars/Late Late Movie era, back when nobody had heard of a "program-length commercial" and tv stations actually signed off at night after playing the National Anthem. God, I'm old.
  27. Insomniac With Dave Attell (63 COMEDYP)
    Even Dave couldn't make Albuquerque look exciting.
  28. Cops (2 KTVU)
    Back in action now that our Bowling For Columbine inspired guilt has subsided.
  29. The Fairly Oddparents (53 NIKP)
    Kid-and-adult friendly with minimal pandering. Cosmo is my god.
  30. Curb Your Enthusiasm (551 HBOP)
    I saved up the entire third season and watched it in essentially one sitting, otherwise I couldn't have made it through. It's that painfully embarrassing to watch. In a good way.
  31. Primetime Glick (63 COMEDYP)
    One note, but played well.
  32. Science, Nature, Tech. & NOVA [Title Wishlist]
  33. Documentary & FRONTLINE [Title Wishlist]
    With three PBS stations to choose from, you have to resort to some tricky programming to get everything you want.
  34. Andy Dick Show (43 MTVP)
    And 'e really is a dick, bwa-haaah!
  35. TV Funhouse (63 COMEDYP)
    Long overdue for new eps. How much can it possibly cost to make 'em?
  36. Columbo (47 A&EP)
    Class warfare, 1970s style. The Patrick McGoohan episodes are fantastic.
  37. America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (2 KTVU)
    Filler, mostly. See Cops.
  38. JETCAT [Keyword Wishlist]
  39. ODDVILLE [Keyword Wishlist]
    Jay Stephens did a few of these shorts for Kablam! on Nickelodeon. Still haven't caught them, though.
  40. JETSONS [Title Wishlist]
    If only I could weed out the lame '80s episodes.
  41. BROWN, BRUCE [Director Wishlist]
    Undisputed king of the surfing documentary. Keep an eye out for the late-50s ones, they're soooo sweet and innocent...
  42. Crash Files: On The Inside Of The NTSB (33 DSCP)
    Disaster porn, with instructions. Okay, that works.
  43. Dinner For Five (503 IFC)
    Kevin Smith's appearance proved to me that he really is a self-important jerk. And I saw Mallrats in the theatre twice when it came out...
  44. The Sopranos (550 HBO)
    When you buy a TiVo, they actually make you fill out a little form promising to record this every week. Amy's the only one who's watching them though. (I never really got much past the ducks in the pool.)
  45. We Are the '80s (473 VH1CL)
  46. Request Hour (473 VH1CL)
    Still geeking out on VH-1 Classic. So far this seems to be the shortest route to the best material.

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