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66 Drive-In

Location:  7019 Central NW, N side 1-2 blocks W of Coors. (Central was Route 66.)
Open:  19??-19??
Owners:  Listed under "Albuquerque Theatres" in 1966 Yellow Pages

Well, the satellite image made me think there might be something of note here, but alas, it was not to be -- unless you like mobile homes (oops, make that "manufactured housing") and trucks full of fish. Yes, the south side of the lot is now home to what looks to be some kind of trailer-house repo holding yard, and the north side is apparently the WORLD MEGACORPORATION HEADQUARTERS (or at least the biggest nearby distribution office) of Zanio's Foods.

Smack-dab between the two is a fenced-off lot with a fire hydrant right in the middle of it. Our guess is that the hydrant is where the projection booth, concession stand, et al. used to be. We saw what looked like some speaker wire when we peered through the fence from behind the Zanios building, too, but if that's what it really was, it's the only evidence remaining that this was ever anything but a vacant lot.

(What is it about food warehouses and old drive-ins, anyway? The site of the Tri-C/Route 25 suffers a similar fate.)

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