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On The Set

Sorry, no real revelations here -- I was a real lamer with the camera on this trip and missed out getting photos of many "name" people, so this is just friends of mine hacking around on the set and at the production office. This would have been in February or March of 1996.

Beautiful downtown Burbank

The soundstage for Drive (originally titled Road to Ruin) was located on the edge of the bustling Kowloon business district, in exotic and beautiful Hong Kong.

In Mark Dacascos' Trailer

Devin O'Leary (left) and screenwriter Scott Phillips hang out in Mark Dacascos' trailer, watching the Walter The Einstein Frog inserts used in the film. (That is one really smart frog!)

Stage Door

The soundstage door. Beyond this point dreams are made and First A.D.'s scream at cowering, underpaid extras.

Outside At Night

Inspired by an unplanned visit to the nearby Virgin Megastore (visible at upper right), Devin O'Leary, Pete Waterman, Carlos Batts, and Anthony Trifiletti offer an impromptu performance of their interpretive dance suite Variations On The Cover Of The Beatles' Abbey Road.

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