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  • Chris Holland & Scott Hamilton, Stomp Tokyo (July 1, 2000)
    "We don't normally fawn over films in this way; Lord knows, there aren't many films we watch that warrant the behavior. But Drive is one slap-dang fantastic dilly of an action movie, and even in its edited form (we saw the "Director's Cut"...) we can recommend it without reservation."
  • James H. & Numskull, (December 20, 1999/April 7, 2000)
    "This isn't right. B-grade American Action Movies (BAAMs) aren't supposed to be this good."
  • Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News (May 31, 1999)
    "...this is a film that went straight to video here in the United States, and ya know.... It shouldn't have. It's vastly entertaining."
  • "Adam", Oh, The Humanity! user (May 10, 1999)
    "...If I could sum it up in one word I would have to say BOOYAAA."
  • DVDown Under (May 3, 1999)
    Before sitting down to watch Drive I wasn't expecting much, but have to say it's a hell of a film and is a 90 minute action packed fest...
  • Keith Bailey, The Unknown Movies (May 1999)
    "Quite simply, this is one of the best action movies I've ever seen, B-grade or major studio."
  • "Adam," Oh, The Humanity! user (May 10, 1999)
    " If I could sum it up in one word I would have to say BOOYAAA."
  • Andre Bennett, Oh, The Humanity! user (February 14, 1999)
    "It's amazing that a film which owes so much to Rush Hour predates it by about a year."
  • SF Online (Japan; March 25, 1998)
    It's in Japanese, so have that Asian character support loaded up!
  • Dom Robinson, DVDfever (date unknown)
    "Overall, for me this film succeeds where Rush Hour failed miserably. Drive is a cool film with action and comedy that blend well together and actually works."
  • Phil Mills, Dragon's Den UK (date unknown)
    "The script is not going to win any Oscars for originality but itís enough to fill in the gaps between the action. A B-movie classic."
  • Dan Taylor, Exploitation Retrospective (date unknown)
    "A highly-entertaining straight-to-video entry that never wears out its welcome."
  • The Onion A.V. Club (date unknown)
    "Steve Wang's Drive represents yet another unsuccessful attempt to integrate over-the-top Hong Kong violence into a standard American action film." (Hey!!?!)
  • Jim McLennan, Trash City (date unknown)
    "...the action scenes are amazing, a superb blend of wirework and martial arts that are among the best I've seen in a Hollywood film."
  • The Vault Of Keeba: Guilty Pleasures (date unknown)
    "What makes this one so much fun are some amazingly choreographed fight scenes and a sense of humor."
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